Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Company Details
Fradinoi s.r.l., conducts its business as a reseller of travel products through its website: SellingTrip.com and all affiliated sites.
All bookings made with SellingTrip.com or all affiliated sites will be governed and subject to these Terms and Conditions.
SellingTrip.com is exercised by:
Fradinoi Srl - VAT number 09378890967
Registered Office: Palazzo dei Cigni - Piazza Marco Polo - 20080 - Basiglio Milano 3 (MI)
Mail. dmc@sellingtrip.com | www.sellingtrip.com.

The prices shown on our website are in Euro and are always net, inclusive of taxes and service. Prices are considered definitive upon confirmation. The reservation will be invoiced for the amount confirmed on the system. We reserve the right to change the price for the confirmed services only in the case of changes in taxes, VAT or other conditions beyond our control.

All services must be pre-paid, unless otherwise specified. We accept credit cards (VISA and MasterCard) or bank transfer, in this case the service can be booked under date, but it will not be automatically confirmed, due to payment check from our side.
Our currency is the euro, then the charges will be in euro.

After payment, SellingTrip.com will send automatically a confirmation / voucher by e-mail - the voucher must be printed and shall be submitted to the service provider. Moreover, you can check and download the voucher from you account.
All information regarding the travelers should be correctly provided during the booking procedure.
All requests for changes must be notified in time to SellingTrip.com.
SellingTrip.com can not be held responsible for any problems that might occur if you do not receive, or if you do not read carefully the confirmation / voucher by e-mail.
In case you have not received the voucher by e-mail, you should immediately contact our call center (+39 02 8719 6260) and ask for a second sending at least 72 hours before the date of start of the service, where this allowed.
We remind you for any malfunction or anomaly by system regarding the voucher creation, you can always contact us or write to us by email directly from your account: dmc@sellingtrip.com, entering the generated reservation number.

Unless otherwise specified, the services are subject to the following cancellation penalties:

Tours and Excursions, City Pass and Attractions, Private Transfers, Hotels and any other service offered on our platform:
In case the user cancels a reservation, the cancellation conditions will be applied as per "TERMS OF CANCELLATION" on product description page.
SellingTrip.com suggests to read carefully the information given in the product description.
In case of no show: no refund
In case of credit cards with a monthly charge, the amount will be charged at the end of the current billing period. The exact date of the refund depends on the conditions agreed in the user's credit card contract. Reimbursement by bank transfer will take place within seven working days.

How to cancel reservation
Cancellation of services previously confirmed, must be confirmed exclusively by our part. To proceed with a booking cancellation you have to log to your account in and choose to cancel the reservation you prefer. SellingTrip.com will not be responsible for any cancellation not received and not confirmed by our part. Otherwise it will be considered a confirmed booking and it will be full charged.

Limitation of Liability
The responsibility of SellingTrip.com is limited.SellingTrip.com only acts as an agent for the passengers in all functions relating to tours, attractions, hotel reservations and accommodation, restaurants, meals and services, sightseeing tours and any kind of transportation, and does not take any responsibility for injury, loss , damage, accident, delay or inconvenience that may occur either due to defects, or as acts of government or other civil authorities (war, civil unrest, strikes, etc.) or any cause beyond the control of SellingTrip.com . Moreover SellingTrip.com assumes no responsibility for loss or additional expenses in case of delays or changes in schedule or other causes.
SellingTrip.com and its suppliers reserve the right to vary itineraries in order to improve each tour for the benefit and pleasure of the members of the tour.
SellingTrip.com and its suppliers reserve the right to cancel or reschedule any tour departure in accordance with the rules in place.

Health, Passport and Visa.
Each client must to verify and have the correct documents for his trip especially (but not only) if there is a booked tour, a package including flights or transfers, or if the client plans to visit a different ( foreign) country from the country of departure.
You must keep and bring a valid passport (with visa if necessary) or a valid identity card.
No refunds will be granted in the event of loss or lack of identity documents.

Smoking Restriction.
Smoking on board of a coach, a train or a car is strictly prohibited.

One hand luggage per person is accepted by coach or by car..
Other restrictions may apply.

All bookings made by SellingTrip.com will be governed by and subjected to the Terms and Conditions.
No variation of these terms and conditions shall be made except in writing by and with the authority of SellingTrip.com.